Online Business Manager
Know your Profit and grow your Business

Supports four languages: English, Português, Français, Español


Know your Profit

Track your profit online:

  • Per month
  • Per day
  • Per week
  • Per year
  • Best and worst selling products
  • And more

Online Business Manager

Digital Manager for your business

Jon AI presents: AI Digital Manager. An Artificial Intelligence that receives from you:

  • Information about your products, stock and cost of products or raw materials
  • Data on each of your sales as they occur

And using this information the Online Digital Manager gives you:

  • Your profits per day, week, month, year...
  • Your cash flow
  • Helps you reach your monthly sales goals
  • Low stock alerts
  • Sales forecasts
  • Information about all your sales and stock
  • Marketing and growth tips

Stock Control and Management Software for Shops or Stores

For those who need to:

  • Know how much you have in stock of products, both in terms of quantities and amounts.
  • Make a receipt, sales record, for each product that leaves your stock.
  • Have a summary of Sales per day, week and month
  • Use either on a Touch POS or Laptop/Tablet/Phone connected to a Thermal Printer (we only support 80 mm printer)
  • Stock control software, Real-time Inventory, Stock level control

Online Business Manager

Online available everywhere: phone, tablet or computer

Test for Free, Does not require credit card

Works for all currencies all over the world.